Saturday, November 12, 2005

Nothin' Much (Part 2)

Well, now that I have gotten back to my groove with my earlier post (the earlier post was a deliberate attempt to free my thoughts), guess I will get back to business straight away.

Me read a book called "The Remains of the Day". Oh, I almost forgot to tell you guys. Finally got hold of the Ali Smith latest (yeah, u guessed it right: "The Accidental"). Am wholly into it kinda thing and I must say she does write differently. Can't say Good or bad at this stage, but should definitely present an interesting reading.

Sorry guys for wandering away, but you know how it gets with books and stuff. Anyways, this book I read "The Remains of the Day" by Kazuo Ishiguro, a Jap dude from Great Britain. what about it. Well, Iam thinking along the same lines too. Ok, what I intended to say was if any of you guys are interested in reading about offbeat topics (Oh, what does offbeat include?). Well, if any of you guys are interested in the appreciation of the language rather than the plot, I recommend them this one. Fast moving esp. in terms of the language and the idiosyncratic words typical of Ishiguro (those typical british stuff. Dont ask me what they are: Read it to find out.)

Will come back with more later, maybe after finishing with "The Accidental". Iam sure that will present a wonderful opportunity for analysis.

Nothin' Much

Yippie, I am back. Well, what do I have now. Let me think. A topic to write other than the hardbound/paperback stuff I write about. Guess I am getting a writer's block. Had been real busy, believe me real busy (this is for those who have missed me; well, who could it be but essentially myself).

Me, Myself. You might be thinking "EGO" man. God, I love to be alone (sometimes). This is for those who cant read "between the lines". Anyways this was something a friend of mine was advocating too the other day. What did he say? Yeah, "I like to switch off my cellphone, close the shutters" (he meant the doors and the windows; Oh, the real doors and windows, not those doors and windows of the mind thing); Man, where was I, Yeah so he says the above and we think that he is at his place and drop down to say hello. And what do we see. He did shut the doors and windows but from the outside.

Well, we realised. This is one way to say, "You are not welcome to disturb me".