Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Maldivian Sojourn (Part 1)

Well, as I promised, the post on my Maldives visit rambles on thus. Mark that this is 'one' vacation I can actually call as 'one'. Anyways after spending a few sedate days in Hyderabad (my home-town), we got back to Mumbai, packed our suitcases with the 'appropriate' clothing and set out to chill. we had booked ourselves on the IA flight from Bangalore to Male and considering that it was a mere 2hr jaunt I have nothing spectacular to report about the flight per se.

It was a beautiful day when we landed at Kurumathi Cottage and Spa (that was a part of the Alifa-Alifa Atoll) by a speed boat from Male airport. I guess the speed boat journey is something to report about. Firstly, it felt divine to be cruising at break-neck speed in serene blue waters, while watching the white jet-stream created by the motor at the rear. It makes one wonder (on a more philosophical note though), as to how man's inventions 'disturb' the peace of nature. Man, I am back at my normal digressing avatar, eh! So as the blue sea rolled past us with nothing but water around us for more than an hour, and I was done picking at my camera and finding impossible angles to take the pictures of the sea, my mind wandered into an adventure mode and I started chalking out plans on what I could accomplish other than taking pictures.

While this activity was being undertaken by my inner self, my outer self realised that we had reached our destination and my first impression was "Oh My God! Its truly beautiful". This feeling could also be because of the fact that it was my first visit to any island, but I don't want to take anything away from the truly spectacular picture which was in front of my eyes. And I was happy to see a similar expression on my missus' face, which in hindsight I would say provided me with an utmost satisfaction. Thus we dis-embarked and made our way to spending our first couple of days at the beach cottage.


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