Wednesday, May 10, 2006

London Bridge is Falling Down - 2

So is the concluding part of my two part series.....Iam back in Mumbai after a decently long sojourn in the Queen's land.....and it sure was hectic...but it was worth the effort as i managed to pass the exam....but coming to the more important parts of my visit....spent some quality time in covent garden sitting and listening to street performances and having a good drink at the 'Balcony Bar' as they call it.....and boy it was a sight to watch...went to trafalgar square but they had takien out the statue of Nelson for some renovation.....well even managed to see the 'London Eye' - a giant wheel from whee u could see entire London...went to the Tower bridge and the Westminister Abbey (which was unfortunately closed by the time I got there; have taken a photograph of the abbey from outsie which I shall post asap)....Then went to Leichester Square, which is a haven for food-lovers...u have every cuisine of the globe available..guys u have got there to believe it....and what more took the fortnightly pass and travelled extensively in the overhead trains, buses and the famous 'London tube'.......