Thursday, June 26, 2008

The tantalizing world of Football

Yippie....Its soccer time.....Some of the best football teams of Europe battle it out for a coveted crown, The EURO CUP. What can one say about it....electrifying atmosphere, splendid football and of course the drama and action around it.
The Euro 2008 is no less different. Down to the last semi-final and with Germany already in the finals, the time is ripe and I hope my blog serves as a fitting finale to a mega event. Iam penning this watching the 2nd semi-final between Russia and Spain. One a champion in its own right and the other giving it all to be one.

Frankly Russia has been a revelation in this Euro cup, who having been beaten flatly by Spain in their first Group match are trying to turn the tables on the former champions. I probably will not be around my laptop to blog the end of this match, but is sure to be an entertainer. Spain's already 2-0 up and only a miracle can save Russia. But i end this blog now to watch the remainder of the match and hoping that Russia does not do a Greece the next time around.


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