Saturday, January 06, 2007

Fate of Indian Cricket....

This topic, I know has been discussed widely on many forums but I would like to state that it would not be rhetoric :)...For those ardent fans of cricket as a game, the recent performance of the Indian team would like to be treated as a moment to be forgotten, for that matter even the English team's performance in the recently concluded Ashes. But from an Indian fan's perspective its high time the team reassess themselves - are they suited to represent the country in the world forum or not. Though not apt (considering the consistency, though) one would like to wonder how the Australians manage a whitewash while we strive to keep the series alive!! They play to their strengths with only one thing in mind: win whatever it takes. One feels that the killer attitude is heavily lacking in the Indian team (it has been so for quite sometime, I guess) and the current performance seemed so lacking in grit and if I might say, even showed a lack of basic cricketing skills.

Let us look for example the batting performance of Sachin (considered by Indians as a demi-god - 14 runs off 62 balls) - at a time when he should have strived to do the opposite. He was looking so lacklustre that if not for his stupendous run-record one would have imagined him to be a middle-order batsman from the most deplorable Ranji team. His batting gave SA's the impression that where the great master fails, the whole team is anyways going to cave in and that's what happened. I would on my account treat him to be the main reason for the series defeat (if rain recedes). The attitude of Kartik, though was a treat to watch. All of 21 and playing perhaps his first overseas series, he took the attack to the opposition, caring a damn for the likes of Pollock and Kallis. He infact showed how cricket is to be really played!

And we know that he would most likely not make it to the World cup as the currently injured players of the likes of Dhoni and Yuvraj would saddle themselves. His is an attitude the senior players should adopt if they want to see India go anywhere upto the semi-finals in the World cup. One would definitely like to see Team India show a thing or two to the world audience, but I can't still help feel that it is going to be another loss of face.