Sunday, March 15, 2009

On getting hitched....

After a frightfully long period of lack of blogging, I am going to present to you a heartful rendition on a heartfelt topic close to every guy's heart - MARRIAGE. Though I must admit I do feel a bit ashamed at my disappearance I believe I have an absolutely reasonable reason for the same - I was seriously courting a beautiful girl who I am happy to introduce to my esteemed audience as my wife and my better half (and she is better, I say!)

Well, I am sure you are skeptical on my being able to throw much light on a subject which probably has many more esteemed scholars debating even as I am penning my thoughts. But please understand that every blogger, every researcher is unique - unique in his thoughts, his understanding and more importantly his circumstances. So do not write me off just yet..

Anyways, after a blissful honeymoon in Maldives (about which I am going to blog soon in detail), we (me and my wife!) soon settled down back in Mumbai, even as we made plans for our next outing. Sorry, I am digressing here but the point is Guys...just chill, its not that hard or that demonic as certain literature puts it. If you guys have a good understanding with each other, its just another extension of courting (but just get used to seeing someone around you 24/7). Life is definitely more organized and there is a thrill in planning for small things and sharing thoughts on common subjects. Guys might feel here that they are losing their independence and that some one always wants to keep an eye on what he is doing, but trust me its just your feeling. Nobody's snooping around and more importantly no one can take your freedom if you just remember that you cannot take someone's freedom either. Gotcha...that is the most important mantra and as you all might have heard the story of the ugly old hag and Sir Lancelot - leave her decisions in her hand and sure enough she is going to trust you with her decisions.

This post is for those hapless guys who might not have trusting friends to show them the right path :)


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