Monday, December 04, 2006

Love, Actually!!

Don't be surprised at the title and don' expect a rendition or a critic of the movie with this name....just a collection of my thoughts on the topic. Well, where do I begin. A dictionary meaning to start out with: a feeling of closeness and understanding. Perhaps, this definition has provoked many to consider the first person towards whom one has the first pang of the above feelings mentioned to make him/her the only subject of her/his affections. And affections considered in isolation never smoke out, though it should definitely make one wonder whether such affections are unique or can be duplicated upon another human.

Also there is no absurdity in duplication as it has been stated very solemnly in the holy testament - "Love thy neighbor". Well, here the question arises: do you wish to spend your entire life in the company of your neighbor ;) Just a slight humor but to get the point across. So we come to the conclusion that it is not too difficult to love considering that every person in this world is a true Christian or of any faith (Anyways every faith does exhort love as the pinnacle of human glory). Now we are left with that one person (provided we find him/her) with whom the equation is slightly albeit uniquely different. Don't wink, as I have not messed with the words. Remember that every feeling is different in some way or other. Let us make an effort in understanding love now that we know what we are looking for....

Have you missed being with someone? Has anyone eclipsed your life so much that you see a hollow in your existence? I know it is tough to imagine but one has to make a decision. What I feel and experienced is that longer the time gap of meeting someone who you really love and want to spend your life with, the bitter you get at circumstances which have made you part company. You tend to appreciate the importance of that single person in your life and in entirety understand the concept of love. So, in essence, sometimes distances bring out the true nature of relationships and enable you to come to a decision about who you want to be with and what you want from life. So wait for such a situation (a situation, which is bound to happen sooner than later in this fast paced world) and you will know the true nature of your affections.

Hope everyone finds the love of their life....I myself am on this adventure....


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