Friday, February 12, 2010

Events in my recent life or...

The past year has moved from crazy to stable to more crazier (which includes many interesting moments, of course) and finally moving a notch up to confused! Though this analysis is on back of events surrounding my general personal and professional life, the world economy has done its bit as well to be blamed in my opinion. This is particularly true in light of the old adage that man blames most of his tough situations on external factors, and I dare not question this long-served opinion of some of the world's greatest thinkers (hehe, including me of course!). Anyways this also gives me an opportunity to reflect on my one year of marriage which is as experts put it, one prolonged 365-day honeymoon (i.e. if you love each other very much) or a steep slope if you are one of those guys who act first and think later.
Let me begin with my professional life which has been a greater see-saw compared to my rather stable personal world, thanks largely to my supportive wife who did not freak out too much after living a year with a doofus like me. I had extensively travelled at an unmatched rate (unmatched compared to my pre-marriage years), which, ideally should have pissed off my wife given that I had to leave her behind in all these travails. But the generous and loving saint that she is, she seems to have forgiven me for my mistakes (I mean it is probably a small thing to ask of her given that the world seems to have forgiven me for my inconsequential existence anyways but more about this some other time). It has been a year of mixed fortunes with some positive strokes and some bouncers (fortunately no beamers to date; 2008 took care of that, did'nt it, hehe). My trips have been a mixed bag with a few positive moments and it remains to be seen how they shape my near future, but suffice it to say that it has been a major learning experience. I hope I get an opportunity to develop on the various skills I gained over these trips!
Uncertainty probably is the one defining factor in everyday life of a 21st century guy and this particular year has been the best so far (hope you note the sarcasm here!). Anyways with unemployment rates having beaten their own high jump records and with the fresh eurozone (led by Greece) turmoil, the uncertainty is becoming a certainty at least into the first half of this year as well. Having pumped big money into the world markets with a view to support consumer buying, most of the countries and their respective central banks are now retreating into their shells, alas after finding out that having helped others out of their crises, lest they find themselves in one soon. There have been reports that a Euro area break up may be on the cards if not imminent, given the loss in value of the Euro to the dollar owing to structural weaknesses in southern states like Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal and the rest of the gang. Well, I am no expert at economics but sure seems shit scary.
My whole point is that it is affecting my life and professional chances and if this turmoil continues and local unemployment rates start getting affected in Euro economies, UK also will have to play its part in mitigating that crisis. And following the axiom that the hand that treats you is likely to get infected itself (Obviously I made it up! What did you think!) UK will probably face its issues again. How do you get to work in the second best traded markets in the world? Somebody tell me.
P.S. I have my first anniversary coming. Please feel free to congratulate me on my success as a husband, if not in any other way. For further comments you can contact my wife (but only through me, sadly as she wishes general anonymity).