Thursday, June 26, 2008

Do we feel....

Its one of those days. Watched a movie....a pretty old one from a current moviegoer perspective but nevertheless worth a second look. Mr. & Mrs. Iyer. For those who would have seen it and felt a something in their heart, I need'nt really go into the details. But this blog is a statement of a heart which caught a twinge a second time as well, to those either who felt the same and to those unfortunates who have'nt been able to experience a directorial magic.

There are certain aspects of human life which you tend to look a second time. Feel it more than twice and think about many a time. Inhumaneness and fear are two such aspects. And Aparna Sen, very stoically brings out those emotions in her actors who are witness to some of the worse atrocities one human can inflict upon his brethren. Finding themselves in the turmoil following the Godhra incident, the lead pair find themselves running and lying for their lives and in the meantime understanding the concept of love. Rahul Bose and Konkona Sen, I feel, have given memorable performances and successfully drive home a point, long forgotten.

We need such more films and such great concepts in this world where people have stopped feeling for thir neighbour.


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