Saturday, November 12, 2005

Nothin' Much

Yippie, I am back. Well, what do I have now. Let me think. A topic to write other than the hardbound/paperback stuff I write about. Guess I am getting a writer's block. Had been real busy, believe me real busy (this is for those who have missed me; well, who could it be but essentially myself).

Me, Myself. You might be thinking "EGO" man. God, I love to be alone (sometimes). This is for those who cant read "between the lines". Anyways this was something a friend of mine was advocating too the other day. What did he say? Yeah, "I like to switch off my cellphone, close the shutters" (he meant the doors and the windows; Oh, the real doors and windows, not those doors and windows of the mind thing); Man, where was I, Yeah so he says the above and we think that he is at his place and drop down to say hello. And what do we see. He did shut the doors and windows but from the outside.

Well, we realised. This is one way to say, "You are not welcome to disturb me".


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