Thursday, April 13, 2006

London Bridge is Falling Down - 1

Guys, don't be awed at the title. Actually got inspired from the opening utterance of my brother when I told him that I would be going to London. And can u beat it, I am going there to take some godforsaken exam. As for the "1", there is more to come once I have gone and am back. Well, this is my first London visit - rather my first visit to any place beyond the shores of India. Well, as u expect Iam pretty excited about it (though not to the fullest extent as I need to clear an exam once Iam there). Pretty gross huh! I do not know what to expect from a land I have never been to, but Iam pretty sure that I would try visiting all as many places as possible (all those I had read about until now).

Further posts as things progress.....


Blogger theEclecticGeek said...

good luck with the exam dude... so where's the "list of places" that you are planing to visit in london? don't forget "the bridge" :-)))

7:13 AM  
Blogger shadow_sun said...

Thx for the wishes. Have not decided as such which place I would like to visit but yeah I have heard that the bridge was the worst thing u could see there. I mean the London bridge but there is another newer bridge called the Tower Bridge, which does present a cool view. I do plan to get some memorabilia both for u and for home.Also plan to meet Bhargava there (Dont know if u recall him - he is another JNTU guy in our gang). He has been there for some time working on an onshore project for Polaris I guess.

6:47 AM  

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