Saturday, April 08, 2006

Aamchi Mumbai

Hi Folks...Iam back...Long break, huh. Iam sure u guys have not missed me, but Iam sure guys that I missed blogging. Reasons various: lack of time, inaccessibility of personal blog sites at work et al. Anyways guys, there's news. I have moved bag and baggage (including myself) to what they call as the city of dreams, Mumbai. Iam really not sure about the dreams part of it and when they would be fulfilled, but the city, its pace, the atmosphere - its electrifying, to say the least. A city where u can see the richest of the rich and the poorest of the poor, at all the times, with the latter trying to bridge the "vertical limit". Iam not sure u got what I meant by that last phrase. This is a place where each tries his best to exceed his abilities and try to bridge the huge gap between the ground and the penthouse.

Its an independent economy by itself, funding itself and reinvesting within itself. Maybe an appropriate simile would be comparing it to a monster or something which feeds off itself. This, thus looks like more of a growth option scheme, where the returns cumulate and give a huge cash return at the end of a deceptively "long" period. But one thing I would like to clarify at the outset is that despite each and every person having knowledge of the above fact, this is a city with people aspiring for really short term returns. I will leave the uncovering of this to my intelligent audience.

Coming to the cultural part of it, I have to indeed accept that this is indeed a cosmopolitan though a large part of them are close to being called Marathas, albeit a little compromised from their roots. They still have the hot bloodedness of their honorable ancestors, though their motives leave a lot to question. Many people who come to this place get sucked into its trunk and used as feed to the immense roots of its structure. Iam not saying though that this thing is bad and it should be curbed but the fact of the matter is that this place is monstrous in most ways. Iam getting settled and hope to make waves, not just feel their caresses on my face.


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