Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Finally done with "To Kill Mockingbird". Critically acclaimed and winner of the Pulitzer prize - well in most cases that suffices to make it a bestseller. As a regular reader though, its the theme and the writing style which attract me to a book. Well, you would say: Which other way can you assess a book you have never read other than by the fame preceding it? A very simple way would be to give a glance at the back cover which presents you with a summary what you could find in the book. You could again say that wouldnt that be made to present a rosy picture. Well, for records sake let me tell you that it has worked for me in most cases. "Critic reviews" and "Authors own thoughts", which are available on the net also provide one with a sense of what to expect from the book.

Well, now coming back to my latest book. Definetely met expectations. My usual mode of selecting the book once again paid dividends. The book sensitively dealt with topics like adolescence, social issues and more importantly the contradictions one faces while growing up. Things which one would have taken for granted when they were kids and the truths one has to face up to in adolescence have been well dealt with. Deals with expectations from oneself and from people around you and how they change; how relationships work (blood as well as societal). Overall it does present one with a perspective of life albeit from a small town's perspective.


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Up or Down
Posted Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2005, at 4:15 PM PT Bloggers are weighing in on the motives of those who will or will not vote for John Roberts' confirmation, North Korea's backtracking on its promise to dismantle ...

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